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Create A Facebook Fundraiser

Creating a facebook fundraiser is a great way to get your friends and family involved and spread the cause.



Give a family the info they need to feel empowered.

The family toolkit is a one-stop shop designed to provide information and practical resources for parents who have just received a diagnosis.

Give babies access to physical therapy

Help improve how babies move and process information. The brain's ability to make connections peaks from 0-2yrs so starting physical therapy during this time is crucial to a baby's development.

Help a family the assessments they need to get a diagnosis

CP is a brain injury and in the past took 2 years to diagnose. That's like waiting 2 years to treat a stroke! Help families get the assessments they need so they can get a diagnosis at 6 months.

Train a professional in diagnosing CP

80% of doctors graduate medical school without ever having treated an infant with CP. Training more providers guarantees that more babies will be diagnosed at the earliest possible moment so they can have a future full of possibilities.